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The images have yet to leak, but the Columbus Dispatch has nailed down the details on the Columbus Blue Jackets' new third jerseys, which will be revealed on Wednesday night in Columbus as the Jackets are on the road against the New York Islanders.

Previously, we learned that the primary logo will be a cannon, and that navy blue was going to be a primary color.

Puck-rakers confirms those details, specifying that it's a "1857 Napoleon Field Cannon" like the one fired at home games, and also reports:

The primary color of the sweater - along with the new pants - is navy blue, sources told The Dispatch today. The cannon will be detailed in variations of white, off-white and silver to give it depth and texture, similar to the New York Rangers' "Statue of Liberty" sweater.

The cannon, sources said, will aim from left to right across the chest, set in a circular patch that's a lighter blue. Also on the chest is a single star, signifying Columbus' status as Ohio's capital.

It's unclear if the sweater will be an old-school tie-down variety or have a standard neck line, but the current logos in play - the swirling Ohio flag and the Civil War cap - may have a place on the shoulder patch of the new sweater.

Sight unseen, they're borrowing from the best. The Rangers' Liberty alt-sweaters are considered gold standard when it comes to third jerseys. And as R.J. Umberger(notes) hinted on Puck Daddy Radio earlier this month, it appears they're adopting the same circular crest that the Minnesota Wild, Florida Panthers and St. Louis Blues have used to great success.

One downer from the report: The Jackets had also considered a light red jersey, which would have been interesting to see. Always a welcome development when the thirds are a different color than the primaries. But then again, they're not the Columbus Red Jackets, are they?

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