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Chicago Blackhawks season-ticket holders received some highly anticipated information today: The details on their ability to purchase 2009 Winter Classic tickets for the game against the Detroit Red Wings at Wrigley Field on Jan. 1.

According to the e-mail sent to season-ticket holders, the ticket purchasing priority is based on "status" and "seat location," with emphasis that "renewing season ticketholders will have the first opportunity to make a purchase."

For example, a new season-ticket holder in the 300 Level will have access to the sale of Winter Classic tickets on Wednesday, Nov. 12 at noon, and will continue to have access through 5 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 13 -- before they are released to the public.

We've received so much interest over the last few months regarding these tickets, we're providing the full text of the Blackhawks' Winter Classic ticket F.A.Q. sent to season-ticket holders after the jump. There's some interesting news about the NHL's approach to this event found within the text.

From the Blackhawks:

When may I purchase my tickets?

As mentioned above, tickets are being made available based upon your status as a renewing or new season ticketholder for the 2008-2009 season, and your current seat location at the United Center. The NHL has provided enough tickets for all Chicago Blackhawks season ticketholders to purchase tickets, but ticket availability is limited by specific price level. You will only have the opportunity for one transaction. If you do not purchase your total allotment of tickets, you will forfeit any un-purchased tickets once your transaction is complete.

How many tickets may I purchase?

Customers with full season packages for the Chicago Blackhawks will be able to purchase up to the same number of Winter Classic tickets as the number of full season ticket seats they have for United Center games. You will only have the opportunity for one transaction. If you do not purchase your total allotment of tickets, you will forfeit any un-purchased tickets once your transaction is complete.

What tickets will be offered to me?

As opposed to pre-assigned seat locations, the Blackhawks are pleased to have arranged for season ticketholders to select from three different price options. Although seat availability is limited by price level, there are enough tickets for all current season ticketholders to have the option to purchase a seat at one of the price levels. You will be permitted to select your price option. Seat location will then be based upon the best available seats at that price level. Selecting a specific seat location is not possible.

How much will tickets cost and where are the seats located?

Any seat will provide the excitement of being part of Chicago sports history. Blackhawks season ticketholders will have the option to purchase tickets at the $75, $225 and $325 price levels.

The seating areas with the best overall view of the playing surface will be in the upper deck. Lower level tickets will provide fans with the excitement of being close to the action, but will have a more limited view of some areas of the rink. As with last year's Winter Classic, lower level limited-view seating is being offered to youth hockey players, and an opportunity to purchase these tickets will be offered to members of the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois (AHAI). A random drawing to purchase these tickets will be coordinated by AHAI. AHAI members will be contacted directly with more details.

How will I purchase my tickets?

Tickets will ONLY be available online via your ClickTix account. Please log in by using your Account ID and Account Password as shown above. We strongly encourage you to log into your account PRIOR to attempting to purchase tickets in order to make sure that you are familiar with the process. The link to purchase tickets for this event can be found near the bottom of the page after logging in to your account. Payment will be required via credit card at the time of purchase.

May I purchase tickets in more than one price level?

No. In order to provide the ability to allow customers the flexibility to select a price option and avoid pre-assigned seat locations, customers must purchase all tickets in that same price level.

What if I am a renewal customer with new seats and/or have tickets in more than one price level of the United Center?

Customers may purchase the total number of tickets they currently have as full season packages for games at the United Center at the time of their first priority.

What if I have a credit due to purchasing a 45-game plan for the United Center? 

In order to provide the flexibility of selecting a price option, we are unable to show a credit at the time of transaction for your Winter Classic purchase. At a later date you will be sent correspondence requesting that you select the option to have your credit applied to future Blackhawks tickets or returned to you via check.

How and when will I receive my tickets?

All tickets are being printed on custom commemorative ticket stock by the NHL. Your tickets will be shipped to you by the United Center ticket office, but we do not currently have a delivery date. We estimate that you should receive your tickets about two weeks prior to the game.

Will I be able to post my tickets for sale via Blackhawks TicketExchange and/or forward them electronically?

No. Wrigley Field operates with a different ticketing system than the United Center and therefore is unable to scan the barcodes issued on electronic tickets issued via TicketExchange and ticket forwarding. You are welcome to post your tickets for sale via other third party resale sites such as TicketsNow.com provided that such service is in compliance with any local laws and ordinances.

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