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In our hearts, we want to believe these two crazy kids will get hitched at center ice of a Los Angeles Kings game, walking under a canopy of raised sticks after a ceremony officiated by Luc Robitaille. But former supermodel Rachel Hunter and former Edmonton Oilers forward Jarret Stoll will probably have some tabloid-friendly beach wedding in New Zealand, where Stoll recently met her family and the couple let word slip that they're engaged.

She's 39, and he's 26; or in hockey terms, he's the Lebda to her Chelios. Which is fine; Puck Daddy endorses famous older women hooking up with younger guys, because they've got a long way to go in order to even that score.

This hasn't been the greatest summer for Hunter, as British tabloids skewered her for looking bloated to the point where she had to defend her figure in promotional interviews. Maybe tying the knot with a hockey-playing boy toy changes the conversation. Again, we make no predictions for the wedding; expect for the fact that the DJ likely won't be playing "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" or "Maggie May."

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