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These are the "Elite Seats" at Minnesota Wild games, giving fans the Pierre McGuire experience between the benches during NHL action. Or as reader Chris Fogler noted last night when he sent over the screen grab: "Wild put 4 seats in between benches - hockey has their very own equivalent of the home plate phone douche."

It's not just the Wild. The Tampa Bay Lightning have their Ice Box, the Nashville Predators sell between-the-benches seats and the Columbus Blue Jackets also offer an "Ice Box" VIP package as well.

These deals all include something much more than seats near the action. The Wild, who have been selling these seats for two seasons, offer this package:

Enjoy the four best seats in the house between the Wild and visiting team players' benches

VIP access to Fishing Lodge, a private on-the-glass club, prior to and during game. Includes beer, wine, and snacks

Headwaters Dinner Experience: 4 Headwaters buffets, including all-you-can eat steak, crab legs, prime rib and more; 1 beverage per person (alcoholic or non) or 1 house selected bottle of wine with dinner; 4 desserts from our elaborate dessert cart.

Invitation to attend Head Coach Todd Richards' post game press conference

Experience a bird's eye view of the rink during a special Press Box tour

Treasure Island Club Level access

Valet parking in the players' lot

First thought: Wonder how the players feel about some yutz with premium seats denting their Escalades with his car door while parking in their lot? Second thought: Sorta reframes the "blogger access" arguments when you consider four rich kids with the right ticket stubs can go to the coach's press conference. Third thought: A press box tour? Aren't these people paying out the ass to not have to sit in the nosebleeds?

How much do these seats run you? For the Wild, it's $2,400 during the week and $2,800 on the weekend. The Blue Jackets' package -- which includes a game puck, jerseys and an on-ice photo after the game -- is $1,795.

Two questions:

1. Are these packages worth the price for a regular-season hockey game?

2. Are these, in fact, the best seats in the arena? And if not, where do you prefer to watch the game?

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