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So what's the most unsettling aspect in this latest addition to the Virtuous Adventures of Patrick Kane(notes) collection?

That his pants are unbuckled in the back of the limo? That the club the Chicago Blackhawks were attending was apparently poorly lit? Or that when slightly reclining, and with Christian iconography hanging around his neck, Kane's chest resembles that of a Caucasian luchadore?

Orland Kurtenblog has a couple of other images in their post "Chicago Blackhawks Remind Us That Mugging For Pictures With Shirts Off is a Questionable Decision at Best," including center John Madden(notes) being slightly surprised by his own guns.

Being that the KB is a Vancouver Canucks-centric blog, one assumes these images originated from Chicago's unsuccessful weekend excursion there. No word if Ryan Kesler(notes) was spotted standing outside the limo screaming "coward!" while the 'Hawks giggled inside.

All of it is in good fun, and all of it once again makes us thank the Hockey Gods that the Internet and cell phone cameras weren't around in the 1970s. But after seeing the image here, we're left wondering if Patty's mishap over the summer may have stemmed from a misunderstanding of Buffalo's relatively unknown "no shirt, no shoes, no 20 cents" taxi law.

(Ed. Note: So there's some doubt here and on the KB, who published the photos, that they may be Photoshops. So grain of salt if you'd like, but the limo photo the KB added late tonight looks legit. Although, perhaps, the others aren't. So either someone took snaps of the Blackhawks partying or they've accidentally won our next contest. Either way: Congrats.)

UPDATE (Wed., Jan. 27): Chicago Tribune reports that "the Blackhawks confirmed the authenticity of the photos."

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