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Alex Ovechkin(notes) of the Washington Capitals tallied his 10th career hat trick at the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night, which means that (a) the Canadian media will inevitably begin writing stories about his offensive renaissance/return to the MVP race and (b) Ovechkin bashers will have another empty-net goal to add to his impressive career total (now at 19).

His trick in the Capitals' 4-1 win also inspired those at the game to toss some odd items on the ice along with a few hats. Like, for example, this waffle thingy being hauled off the ice by an arena worker, as the season's strangest fan tradition continued in Toronto.

But as odd as this waffle hat/Frisbee/whatever was, it couldn't compete with another item that hit the ice:

Car keys. For real.

We've seen many a hat trick and have never spotted car, house or hotel keys on the ice. But after Ovechkin's trick, someone tossed their keys from the stands. OK, more than likely someone's friend threw their buddy's keys on the ice in a moment of inebriated levity ... either way, there they were.

It's tradition to allow the player who records the hat trick to keep whatever's thrown on the ice, should they choose to. It's only fair, then, that Ovechkin get this Leafs fan's car.

Thanks to Justin Kendrick for the keys image.

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