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Andy Strickland of TrueHockey.com reported Tuesday morning, and Yahoo! Sports has confirmed, that disgraced former agent and junior hockey coach David Frost is working as an advisor to the Laguna Hockey Academy in Laguna Niguel, Calif. under the name "Jim McCauley." (More from the LA Times.)

His sordid tale stretches decades and includes former St. Louis Blues player Mike Danton (formerly Jefferson) attempting to hire what the F.B.I. claimed was a hit man to murder Frost, his agent and former coach, in April 2004; and Frost being arrested in 2006 on 12 counts of sexual exploitation, for which he would be acquitted two years later.

Here are a few articles and multimedia projects that lend extra context to the excellent reporting by Yahoo! Sports writers Nicholas J. Cotsonika and Martin Rogers, who tracked down Frost on Tuesday.

Frost Bite (April 2006): The essential profile of the twisted relationship between Frost and Danton from CBC's The Fifth Estate and Bob McKeown. The site includes a timeline from 1991-2006 and a transcript of one of their conversations while Danton was serving time in a Santa Clara prison for conspiracy to commit murder.

Former NHL agent David Frost -- Eventually Bad Things Happen to Bad People (Aug. 2006): After Frost was charged with 12 counts of sexual exploitation and one count of assault, Sports Business News published a detailed account of Frost's misdeeds during his time as a coach in the Metropolitan Toronto Hockey League and examined how he became a player agent.

Girl Unprotected - Hockey coach on trial for sexual abuse of player (Nov. 2008): Disturbing, sexually explicit details of Frost's alleged corruption of his players, written by Canadian journalist Laura Robinson.

Even in acquittal, Frost verdict tarnishes hockey (Nov. 2008): After Frost was found not guilty of sexual exploitation of minors, Gare Joyce of ESPN.com analyzed the case while concluding that it exposed a revolting dark side to junior hockey.

David Frost hits the 'net-and misses (Dec. 2008): MacLean's covers one of the oddest turns in the ordeal, as Frost re-imagines himself as a "hockey god" on a short-lived sports commentary website.

Ex-NHLer Danton, convicted in plot to murder father, not Frost, gets full parole (Sept. 2009): Canadian Press account of Danton's parole and his claim that Frost wasn't his intended target.

Mike Danton: The untold story (Nov. 2009): A five-part interview featuring Danton with Nick Kypreos of Sportsnet that "looks at the events that put him in prison for more than five years for conspiracy to commit murder."

Past dealings with Mike Danton (Nov. 2009): Elliotte Friedman of CBC Sports spins an incredible yarn about interviewing Danton after he left the New Jersey Devils, and then getting tangled up in the drama between Frost and the Jefferson family.

Frost using alias in California (Sept. 2010): Steve Simmons, who has written extensively on the Frost/Danton case, offers coverage of the latest twist. 

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