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TheDirty.com has become a rebel outpost in the world of sports blogging, making life interesting for Matt Leinart  while acting as the catalyst for the single most uncomfortable MSM/blogosphere moment in television history. The frequently NSFW site is now infamous for its candid shots of athletes drinking, and the debate about their newsworthiness is a valid one; Lord knows if anyone actually gave a toss about cell phone pictures of the Puck Daddy staff on the town, we'd likely put Brady Quinn (and, alas, Jiri Tlusty) to shame.

So we're not all that keen on photos of hockey players having a beverage. But when TheDirty.com allegedly has photos of Anaheim Ducks' George Parros dressed up in a baby doll T-shirt and Corey Perry wearing  ... well, whatever the hell it is, we're compelled to share it:

TheDirty.com claims the boys were partying at Sharkeez in Newport Beach, which proudly boasts over 50 Plasma HDTVs and the chance to "bump into one of your favorite players known to frequent Newport Beach." We called the bar for some further confirmation, but received a few brief "don't know anything about it" statements from a manager.

More from some snarky Kings fans on the HF Boards, and additional context and photos on TheDirty.com. As Deadspin's A.J. Daulerio once opined about The Dirty, "Honestly, if I were a professional athlete, I'd be absolutely terrified of this site."

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