Brandon Pirri's focus is on getting pucks to the net

    When he arrived in Anaheim last season, Brandon Pirri said that he is focus was just to get open and "always be ready to shoot." (LA Daily News) He said that his mentality on the ice is to put pucks on net. (LA Daily News) Former teammate with Florida Willie Mitchell said that Pirri has a "knack" for putting the puck in the net and that when he gets some open ice "he's got one thing on his mind and that's shooting the puck. And that's how you score goals." (Sun Sentinel) Pirri has a career 13.6% shooting percentage and has scored 13 of his 49 career goals on the PP. The Rangers were near the bottom of the league last season averaging just over 28 shots per game. Adam Rotter: Some say that Pirri

  • Yahoo’s fantasy hockey position tweaks signal end of a very specific era

    Yahoo’s fantasy hockey position tweaks signal end of a very specific era

    Few things deepen your hockey geekery quite like playing fantasy hockey. For sports haters and the sports-oblivious, it’s probably bad enough to see grown adults wearing hockey sweaters out in public. What about when someone is obsessing (and sometimes muttering profanities) about a team that only exists to about 8-15 people? Still, this is the Internet, where niche obsessions can go really deep. Just fall down a rabbit hole about Star Wars extended universe if you want to get a taste. Us fantasy hockey nerdy dorks got some understandable but still sad news today: it appears to be an end of an era for Dustin Byfuglien and Brent Burns being considered eligible as both right wings and defensemen.

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    How Jimmy Vesey describes the type of game he plays

    Jimmy Vesey says that he is a "hybrid" type of player who can play a "skilled game" or a "gtritty, power-forward game." (Sportsnet) He said that a lot of players say he plays a game similar to Jakub Voracek of the Flyers. (Sportsnet) On his conference call Vesey said that he is a "big body" at 6-2 and 205 and a mix between a power forward and skill forward. He said that his offensive instincts are "definitely the strong suit of my game." When Vesey signed with the Rangers, Joe McDonald of ESPN spoke on the NHL Network and described him as a smart, two-way player who will put up points. He noted that Vesey's work ethic is "off the charts" and has been working out "nonstop" this summer knowing

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