Washington Redskins

0-0-0, NFC East
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Washington Duke Ihenacho 8/31 S Acquired from waiver From Denver
Washington Akeem Davis 8/31 SS Cut
Washington Ted Bolser 8/31 TE Pract. squad add
Washington Richard Crawford 8/31 CB Pract. squad add
Washington Chase Minnifield 8/31 RCB Pract. squad add
Washington Tevita Stevens 8/31 C Pract. squad add
Washington Phillip Thomas 8/31 SS Pract. squad add
Washington Robert Thomas 8/31 NT Pract. squad add
Washington Chris Thompson 8/31 RB Pract. squad add
Washington Nick Williams 8/31 WR Pract. squad add
Washington Zach Hocker 8/30 KFG Cut
Washington Maurice Hurt 8/30 ROT Cut
Washington Chase Minnifield 8/30 RCB Cut
Washington Evan Royster 8/30 RB Cut
Washington Lache Seastrunk 8/30 RB Cut
Washington Phillip Thomas 8/30 SS Cut
Washington Chris Thompson 8/30 RB Cut
Washington Nick Williams 8/30 WR Cut
Washington Everette Brown 8/30 LOLB Cut
Washington Stephen Bowen 8/30 DE Placed on PUPL
Washington Leonard Hankerson 8/30 WR Placed on PUPL
Washington Ted Bolser 8/29 TE Cut
Washington Richard Crawford 8/29 CB Cut
Washington Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith 8/29 S Cut
Washington Lee Doss 8/29 WR Cut
Washington Kevin Kowalski 8/29 C Cut
Washington Robert Malone 8/29 P Cut
Washington Tevita Stevens 8/29 C Cut
Washington Robert Thomas 8/29 NT Cut
Kansas City Mike McGlynn 8/27 ROG Signed To Kansas City
Chicago Rashad Ross 8/26 WR Cut
Washington Matt Veldman 8/26 TE Cut
Kansas City Mike McGlynn 8/26 ROG Cut
Washington Brandon Meriweather 8/25 SS Suspended (2 games (NFL Player Safety Rules))
Washington Stephen Campbell 8/25 RB Cut
Washington Cody Hoffman 8/25 WR Cut
Washington Jeremy Kimbrough 8/25 LB Cut
Washington Rashad Lawrence 8/25 WR Cut
Washington Ross Madison 8/25 S Cut
Washington Jake McDonough 8/25 DE Cut
Washington Adrian Robinson 8/25 LB Cut
Washington Jeremy Towns 8/25 DE Cut
Washington Rob Jackson 8/25 LB Cut
Washington Adam Gettis 8/25 G Cut
Washington Bryan Shepherd 8/25 CB Cut
Washington Blake Clingan 8/20 P Cut
Washington Tress Way 8/20 P Acquired from waiver From Chicago
Jacksonville Peyton Thompson 8/18 CB Signed (One-year contract (through 2014)) To Chicago
San Diego Doug Worthington 8/18 RDE Signed To San Diego
San Diego Doug Worthington 8/14 RDE Cut
Washington Matt Veldman 8/14 TE Signed From Detroit
Cleveland Rex Grossman 8/12 QB Signed/unrest FA To Cleveland
Washington Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith 8/09 S Signed
Jacksonville Peyton Thompson 8/09 CB Cut
New Orleans Richard Quinn 8/05 TE Signed (One-year contract (through 2014)) To New Orleans
Washington Jeremy Towns 8/04 DE Signed
Washington Jerry Rice Jr. 8/03 WR Cut
Pittsburgh Jawan Jamison 8/01 RB Signed To Pittsburgh