Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1-6-0, 4th NFC South
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Tampa Bay Quinton Pointer 5/30 CB Signed/unrest FA From St. Louis
Tampa Bay Marc Anthony 5/30 CB Cut
St. Louis Davin Joseph 5/28 ROG Signed (One-year contract (through 2014)) To St. Louis
Arizona Anthony Gaitor 5/28 CB Signed To Miami
Houston David Hunter 5/21 NT Cut
NY Jets Jacob Schum 5/21 P Cut
Tampa Bay Brett Smith 5/21 QB Cut
Tampa Bay Cameron Brate 5/21 TE Signed
Detroit Quintin Payton 5/21 WR Signed
Tampa Bay Ian Thompson 5/21 TE Signed
Tampa Bay Alex Tanney 5/21 QB Signed From Cleveland
Minnesota Dom DeCicco 5/19 LB Signed To Minnesota
New Orleans Tom Crabtree 5/19 TE Cut
Tampa Bay Kevin Pamphile 5/19 LOT Signed/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2017))
Tampa Bay Brendan Bigelow 5/16 RB Signed
Tampa Bay Kadeem Edwards 5/16 ROG Signed/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2017))
Tampa Bay Robert Herron 5/16 WR Signed/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2017))
Tampa Bay Andrew DePaola 5/14 LS Signed
Arizona Anthony Gaitor 5/14 CB Cut
NY Jets Michael Smith 5/13 RB Cut
Tampa Bay Steven Jenkins 5/13 LB Signed
Tampa Bay Josh Baker 5/12 TE Cut
Buffalo Bobby Felder 5/12 CB Cut
New England Steve Maneri 5/12 TE Cut
Washington Chaz Sutton 5/12 LB Signed
Tampa Bay Mycal Swaim 5/12 S Signed
Tampa Bay Josh Allen 5/12 C Signed
Tennessee Nate Askew 5/12 LB Signed
Indianapolis Aaron Burks 5/12 WR Signed
Tampa Bay Euclid Cummings 5/12 DT Signed
Tampa Bay Keith Lewis 5/12 CB Signed
Tampa Bay Andrew Miller 5/12 G Signed
Tampa Bay Matt Patchan 5/12 T Signed
Arizona Solomon Patton 5/12 WR Signed
Tampa Bay Brett Smith 5/12 QB Signed
Tampa Bay Adrian Clayborn 5/02 DE Team declines option (Fifth-year option on rookie contract)