San Francisco 49ers

3rd NFC West | 1-1
  • Passing Yards
    207.3 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    96.5 RYPG
  • Total Yards Per Game
    303.8 YPG
  • How Trent Brown's emergence is morphing 49ers offensive line
    Niners Wire

    How Trent Brown's emergence is morphing 49ers offensive line

    Whenever the 49ers played musical chairs along the offensive line over the past few seasons, it hasn’t been for the best of reasons. Sliding Marcus Martin inside to center or shuffling Erik Pears between tackle and guard aren’t strategic improvements so much as they are last-ditch survival efforts — efforts that failed miserably in 2015. After the unexpected return of Anthony Davis this offseason there seemed to be two polarizing schools of though: 1. This guy’s been out for a year and smack-talked the organization. He’s done. 2. We have our starting right tackle back! Nobody could’ve foreseen Davis’ voluntary move to right guard, and one that improved the overall quality of the 49ers’ line rather

  • The Cheat Sheet

    The Best and Worst NFL Teams of 2016

    Rest easy, National Football League fans. The 2016 NFL Draft came and went, and training camp is in session. The reality of the situation in Cleveland is that the Browns have holes all over their roster — despite having 14 picks in the 2016 NFL Draft — and they are still a long ways away from being competitive in the AFC North.

  • Bruce Arians calls Chip Kelly, 49ers 'sleepers' of NFC West
    Cards Wire

    Bruce Arians calls Chip Kelly, 49ers 'sleepers' of NFC West

    Nearing the end of training camp, Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is getting some broader questions. In what was a bit of a surprise, he gave a bit of praise to a team not expected to be very good this coming season. Arians believes in the NFC West, the team to watch out for is the San Francisco 49ers. He spoke highly of their coach Chip Kelly, whose offense Arians has criticized in the past, calling it a “college offense.” Arians said Kelly “is going to do a phenomenal job” for the 49ers. As for the 49ers and the mess they seemingly have? Arians doesn’t take them lightly. “I think they’re the sleeper in the division,” he said. Arians thinks the Seahawks will be the team they always are