Seattle Seahawks

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1-2-0, 2nd NFC West (preseason)
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Seattle Jake Waters 8/26 QB Cut
Seattle Deontay Greenberry 8/26 WR Signed From Dallas
Seattle Jeremy Crayton 8/24 CB Cut
Seattle Deshon Foxx 8/24 WR Signed
Jacksonville Mister Alexander 8/24 LB Signed To Jacksonville
Seattle Kona Schwenke 8/22 G Cut
Seattle George Farmer 8/22 CB Signed From Dallas
Dallas Dakorey Johnson 8/21 LB Signed To Dallas
Buffalo Cierre Wood 8/19 RB Signed To Buffalo
Seattle Nate Boyer 8/18 S Cut
Seattle Jake Waters 8/18 QB Signed From Jacksonville
NY Giants Jimmy Staten 8/18 DT Acquired from waiver To NY Giants
Dallas Dakorey Johnson 8/17 LB Cut
NY Giants Jimmy Staten 8/17 DT Cut
Seattle Jeremy Crayton 8/17 CB Signed
Seattle Keelan Johnson 8/17 CB Signed From Dallas
Seattle Alex Singleton 8/14 LB Signed
Seattle Deshon Foxx 8/13 WR Cut
Tampa Bay Tony McDaniel 8/11 DT Signed To Tampa Bay
Miami Demitrius Bronson 8/11 RB Signed To Miami
Seattle Robert Smith 8/09 S Cut
Seattle Ty Zimmerman 8/09 S Signed
Arizona Nate Isles 8/07 G Signed To Arizona
Seattle Ty Zimmerman 8/07 S Cut
Seattle Robert Smith 8/07 S Acquired from waiver From Indianapolis
Dallas Dakorey Johnson 8/06 LB Signed
Seattle Alex Singleton 8/05 LB Cut
Tampa Bay Tony McDaniel 8/02 DT Cut
Seattle Bobby Wagner 8/02 LB Re-signed (Four-year extension (through 2019))
Seattle Mohammed Seisay 8/02 CB Traded (for 6th-round pick in 2016 draft) From Detroit