Philadelphia Eagles

10-6-0, 2nd NFC East
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Minnesota Casey Matthews 3/24 MLB Signed/unrest FA To Minnesota
New England Bradley Fletcher 3/18 LCB Signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2015)) To New England
Kansas City James Winchester 3/13 LS Signed (Two-year contract (through 2016)) To Kansas City
Oakland Nate Allen 3/12 SS Signed/unrest FA (Four-year contract (through 2018)) To Oakland
Philadelphia Ryan Mathews 3/12 RB Signed/unrest FA (Three-year contract (through 2017)) From San Diego
Philadelphia DeMarco Murray 3/12 RB Signed/unrest FA (Five-year contract (through 2019)) From Dallas
Philadelphia Walter Thurmond III 3/11 RCB Signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2015)) From NY Giants
Philadelphia Mark Sanchez 3/11 QB Re-signed/unrest FA (Two-year contract (through 2016))
Kansas City Jeremy Maclin 3/11 WR Signed/unrest FA (Five-year contract (through 2019)) To Kansas City
Philadelphia Brad Smith 3/10 WR Declared Free Agent
Philadelphia Mark Sanchez 3/10 QB Declared Free Agent
Minnesota Casey Matthews 3/10 MLB Declared Free Agent
Kansas City Jeremy Maclin 3/10 WR Declared Free Agent
New England Bradley Fletcher 3/10 LCB Declared Free Agent
Oakland Nate Allen 3/10 SS Declared Free Agent
Indianapolis Trent Cole 3/10 LOLB Signed (Two-year contract (through 2016)) To Indianapolis
St. Louis Nick Foles 3/10 QB Traded (for QB Sam Bradford and draft pick) To St. Louis
Philadelphia Sam Bradford 3/10 QB Traded (for QB Nick Foles and draft picks) From St. Louis
Seattle Cary Williams 3/10 RCB Signed (Three-year contract (through 2017)) To Seattle
Philadelphia Byron Maxwell 3/10 LCB Signed/unrest FA (Six-year contract (through 2020)) From Seattle
Philadelphia Chris Polk 3/10 RB Restricted Free Agent
Philadelphia Cedric Thornton 3/10 RDE Restricted Free Agent
Philadelphia Kiko Alonso 3/10 RILB Traded (for RB LeSean McCoy) From Buffalo
Philadelphia Brandon Graham 3/09 ROLB Re-signed (Four-year extension (through 2018))
Indianapolis Todd Herremans 3/08 ROG Signed (One-year contract (through 2015)) To Indianapolis
Indianapolis Trent Cole 3/04 LOLB Cut
Seattle Cary Williams 3/03 RCB Cut
Philadelphia Brad Jones 3/02 ROLB Signed (Two-year contract (through 2016)) From Green Bay