Oakland Raiders

7-9-0, 3rd AFC West
Team Player Date Pos Comment
San Diego Brandian Ross 12/30 S Signed To San Diego
Oakland SaQwan Edwards 12/30 CB Active/prac. squad
Oakland Dewey McDonald 12/29 S Active/prac. squad
Oakland Chris Hackett 12/29 S Pract. squad add
Oakland Marcel Reece 12/29 RB Suspended (4 games (NFL Policy on PEDs))
Oakland Cole Manhart 12/28 G Pract. squad add From New Orleans
Oakland John Lotulelei 12/23 LB Active/prac. squad
Oakland Tevin McDonald 12/19 S Active/prac. squad
Seattle Josh Shirley 12/17 DE Pract. squad add From Tampa Bay
Buffalo Max Valles 12/16 DE Active/prac. squad To Buffalo
Oakland Thomas Gafford 12/15 C Signed From Chicago
New England DeAndre Carter 12/15 WR Pract. squad add To New England
Oakland Larry Pinkard 12/15 WR Pract. squad add From Green Bay
Oakland Leon Orr 12/12 DT Active/prac. squad
Oakland Michael Crabtree 12/09 WR Re-signed (Four-year extension (through 2019))
Oakland Jamize Olawale 12/08 RB Re-signed (Three-year extension (through 2018))
Oakland Dewey McDonald 12/02 S Pract. squad add From New England
Oakland Chris Hackett 12/02 S Pract. squad del
NY Giants Adam Gettis 12/01 G Active/prac. squad To NY Giants
Oakland Chris Hackett 12/01 S Pract. squad add From Tampa Bay
Oakland Colton Underwood 12/01 LB Pract. squad add From San Diego
Pittsburgh Rajion Neal 12/01 RB Pract. squad add To Pittsburgh
New England DeAndre Carter 12/01 WR Pract. squad del