New York Giants

0th NFC East | 0-0
  • Passing Yards
    271.7 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    100.6 RYPG
  • Yards Per Game
    372.3 YPG
  • Ranking all 32 NFL teams by likability
    For The Win

    Ranking all 32 NFL teams by likability

    All kinds of things affect the way we think about other people’s teams. Fans, for example. As a neutral, you can’t like a team if you don’t enjoy being around its fans. Uniforms, too. Hard for neutrals to root for an eyesore. Good ownership is also important, and the team is question has to be fun to watch. Not necessarily good, just fun. Surprising. Interesting. Mix all that stuff up and you come out with the neutral’s likability rankings. The order goes from most likable, to least… 1. Green Bay Packers Unless you’re a Bears fan, everyone loves the Packers — a massive feat considering how consistently good they are. The small town, rich in history, publicly-owned franchise represents the best

  • Fantasy football 2016: The smartest projected first-round picks
    Washington Post

    Fantasy football 2016: The smartest projected first-round picks

    After a year in which running backs disappointed fantasy players by the truckload, wide receivers have become the most popular first-round picks. The preference for wideouts gained even more momentum after it was announced that Pittsburgh Steeler’s running back Le’Veon Bell may miss four games due to a missed drug test. According to mock drafts conducted between July 22 and July 25, only one of the top four picks is a running back, and, for the first time in years, a receiver is going No. 1 overall. Here’s a quick look at which players are currently first-round picks, based on a 12-team, standard-scoring league, and the risks and rewards each bring to your fantasy roster. 1. Antonio Brown, WR,