New England Patriots

12-4-0, 1st AFC East
Team Player Date Pos Comment
St. Louis Troy Hill 12/31 CB Acquired from waiver To St. Louis
Atlanta Xzavier Dickson 12/30 LB Pract. squad add To Atlanta
St. Louis Troy Hill 12/30 CB Cut
Indianapolis Ryan Lindley 12/30 QB Signed To Indianapolis
New England Ishmaa'ily Kitchen 12/30 NT Signed
New England Joey Iosefa 12/30 RB Pract. squad add
New England Dekoda Watson 12/29 LB Signed
Pittsburgh Ross Ventrone 12/29 S Pract. squad add To Pittsburgh
New England Joey Iosefa 12/28 RB Cut
Buffalo Leonard Hankerson 12/28 WR Acquired from waiver To Buffalo
San Diego Asante Cleveland 12/28 TE Acquired from waiver To San Diego
Buffalo Leonard Hankerson 12/26 WR Cut
New England Chris Harper 12/26 WR Active/prac. squad
San Diego Asante Cleveland 12/25 TE Cut
St. Louis Troy Hill 12/25 CB Acquired from waiver From Cincinnati
New England Joe Vellano 12/22 DT Pract. squad add To Indianapolis
New England Steven Jackson 12/22 RB Signed From Atlanta
New England Ishmaa'ily Kitchen 12/22 NT Cut
New England Eric Martin 12/19 LB Cut
New England Joey Iosefa 12/19 RB Active/prac. squad
New England Eric Martin 12/19 LB Cut
Indianapolis Kelcy Quarles 12/18 DT Pract. squad add To Indianapolis
Tennessee Damaris Johnson 12/17 WR Acquired from waiver To Tennessee
Indianapolis Trey Williams 12/17 RB Pract. squad add To Miami
New England Ishmaa'ily Kitchen 12/16 NT Signed From Detroit
New England Kevin Snyder 12/16 LB Pract. squad add From San Francisco
Indianapolis Trey Williams 12/16 RB Pract. squad del
Tennessee Damaris Johnson 12/16 WR Cut
Buffalo Leonard Hankerson 12/16 WR Acquired from waiver From Atlanta
New England LaAdrian Waddle 12/16 T Acquired from waiver From Detroit
Carolina Robert McClain 12/15 CB Signed To Carolina
New England Montee Ball 12/15 RB Pract. squad add From Denver
New England DeAndre Carter 12/15 WR Pract. squad add From Oakland
New England Austin Hill 12/15 WR Pract. squad del
Indianapolis Kelcy Quarles 12/15 DT Pract. squad del
New England Eric Martin 12/12 LB Active/prac. squad
Indianapolis Trey Williams 12/12 RB Pract. squad add
Indianapolis Trey Williams 12/10 RB Cut
New England Rashaan Melvin 12/10 CB Pract. squad add
New England Chris Greenwood 12/10 CB Pract. squad del
New England Leonard Johnson 12/09 CB Signed From Tampa Bay
New England Eric Martin 12/09 LB Pract. squad add
New England Rashaan Melvin 12/08 CB Cut
New England Joseph Fauria 12/08 TE Pract. squad del
New England Chris Harper 12/02 WR Pract. squad add
Indianapolis Kelcy Quarles 12/02 DT Pract. squad add From Cleveland
Oakland Dewey McDonald 12/02 S Pract. squad add To Oakland
Indianapolis Trey Williams 12/01 RB Acquired from waiver From Dallas
Miami Robert Thomas 12/01 DE Active/prac. squad To Miami
Tennessee Damaris Johnson 12/01 WR Signed From Houston
New England Austin Hill 12/01 WR Pract. squad add