New England Patriots

10-1-0, 1st AFC East
Team Player Date Pos Comment
New England Josh Boyce 8/31 WR Cut
Philadelphia Jonathan Krause 8/31 WR Cut
New England Jimmay Mundine 8/31 TE Cut
New England Joe Vellano 8/31 DT Cut
New England Dekoda Watson 8/31 LB Cut
New England Mark Asper 8/27 T Cut
New England Cameron Gordon 8/27 LB Cut
New England Antonio Johnson 8/27 DT Cut
New England Jake Bequette 8/27 TE Cut
New England Michael Williams 8/26 TE Traded (for undisclosed draft pick in 2016) From Detroit
New England Jimmy Jean 8/26 CB Cut
New England Reggie Wayne 8/25 WR Signed/unrest FA From Indianapolis
New England Eric Kettani 8/25 RB Cut
New England D.J. Lynch 8/24 LB Signed
New England Brian Tyms 8/24 WR Cut
Indianapolis Harland Gunn 8/21 G Signed To Indianapolis
Pittsburgh L.J. Fort 8/19 LB Acquired from waiver To Pittsburgh
San Diego Logan Stokes 8/19 TE Acquired from waiver To San Diego
New Orleans Matt Flynn 8/19 QB Signed To NY Jets
San Francisco Jordan Devey 8/18 T Traded (for TE Asante Cleveland) To San Francisco
New England Asante Cleveland 8/18 TE Traded (for T Jordan Devey) From San Francisco
Pittsburgh L.J. Fort 8/18 LB Cut
San Diego Logan Stokes 8/18 TE Cut
Miami Chris Martin 8/18 T Acquired from waiver From Miami
Philadelphia Deontae Skinner 8/14 LB Signed To Philadelphia
Dallas Casey Walker 8/14 DT Signed From Baltimore
New England Ryan Lindley 8/10 QB Signed/unrest FA From Arizona
New Orleans Matt Flynn 8/10 QB Cut
San Diego Logan Stokes 8/10 TE Signed
New England Mason Brodine 8/10 TE Cut
New England Chris White 8/10 LB Cut
New England Tony Creecy 8/10 RB Signed
Buffalo Ryan Groy 8/10 G Traded (for LB Matthew Wells) From Chicago
St. Louis Matthew Wells 8/10 LB Traded (for G Ryan Groy) To Chicago
St. Louis Eric Patterson 8/09 CB Signed To Indianapolis
St. Louis Marcus Forston 8/08 DT Signed To St. Louis
New England Vince Taylor 8/07 DT Activated from PUPL
New England Vince Taylor 8/07 DT Cut
Indianapolis Harland Gunn 8/06 G Cut
New England Mark Asper 8/06 T Signed From Miami
New England Mason Brodine 8/06 TE Signed From St. Louis
Pittsburgh L.J. Fort 8/04 LB Signed From Cincinnati
New England Cameron Gordon 8/04 LB Signed
New England Eric Kettani 8/04 RB Signed From Jacksonville
New England A.J. Pataiali'i 8/04 DT Signed From Cleveland
Indianapolis Harland Gunn 8/04 G Acquired from waiver From Atlanta
New England Vince Taylor 8/04 DT Placed on PUPL (failed physical)
New England Kevin Hughes 8/03 T Cut
New England Vince Taylor 8/03 DT Cut
NY Giants Derrick Johnson 8/02 WR Signed To NY Giants
New England Derek Cox 8/01 CB Cut
New England Justin Green 8/01 CB Cut
New England D.J. Lynch 8/01 LB Cut