Minnesota Vikings

2-5-0, 4th NFC North
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Minnesota Joe Banyard 8/31 RB Pract. squad add
Minnesota Kain Colter 8/31 WR Pract. squad add
Minnesota Isame Faciane 8/31 DT Pract. squad add
Minnesota Chase Ford 8/31 TE Pract. squad add
Minnesota Donte Foster 8/31 WR Pract. squad add
Houston Kendall James 8/31 CB Pract. squad add
Minnesota Zac Kerin 8/31 C Pract. squad add
St. Louis Mike Remmers 8/31 T Pract. squad add
Minnesota Justin Trattou 8/31 DE Pract. squad add
Minnesota MarQueis Gray 8/31 TE Acquired from waiver From Cleveland
Minnesota Mike Harris 8/31 ROT Acquired from waiver From San Diego
Buffalo Larry Dean 8/31 RLB Cut
Minnesota Austin Wentworth 8/31 ROG Cut
Cincinnati Jeff Baca 8/30 G Cut
Minnesota Chase Baker 8/30 DT Cut
Minnesota Joe Banyard 8/30 RB Cut
Kansas City Kurt Coleman 8/30 FS Cut
Minnesota Kain Colter 8/30 WR Cut
Minnesota Chris Crocker 8/30 S Cut
Minnesota Fred Evans 8/30 DT Cut
Minnesota Isame Faciane 8/30 DT Cut
Minnesota Chase Ford 8/30 TE Cut
Minnesota Donte Foster 8/30 WR Cut
Minnesota Justin Jackson 8/30 LB Cut
Houston Kendall James 8/30 CB Cut
Minnesota Zac Kerin 8/30 C Cut
Minnesota Julian Posey 8/30 CB Cut
New England Allen Reisner 8/30 TE Cut
St. Louis Mike Remmers 8/30 T Cut
Minnesota Justin Trattou 8/30 DE Cut
Arizona Dominique Williams 8/30 RB Cut
Minnesota Mike Zimmer 8/30 LB Cut
Minnesota Jerome Simpson 8/29 WR Suspended (3 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy))
Baltimore Derek Cox 8/27 CB Signed (One-year contract (through 2014)) To Baltimore
Minnesota Mike Higgins 8/26 TE Cut
Minnesota Brandan Bishop 8/25 S Cut
Minnesota Pierce Burton 8/25 T Cut
Baltimore Derek Cox 8/25 CB Cut
Minnesota Andy Cruse 8/25 WR Cut
Minnesota Kamar Jorden 8/25 WR Cut
Minnesota Erik Lora 8/25 WR Cut
Minnesota Kevin Murphy 8/25 T Cut
Minnesota Kheeston Randall 8/25 DT Cut
Minnesota Tyler Scott 8/25 DE Cut
Minnesota Jake Snyder 8/25 DE Cut
Minnesota Kory Sperry 8/25 TE Cut
Kansas City Robert Steeples 8/25 CB Cut
Minnesota Ty Walker 8/25 WR Cut
Minnesota Mistral Raymond 8/25 S Cut
Miami Rakim Cox 8/18 DE Signed To Miami
Minnesota Dom DeCicco 8/18 LB Cut
Minnesota Justin Jackson 8/18 LB Acquired from waiver From Detroit
Arizona Desmond Bishop 8/14 RILB Signed/unrest FA To Arizona
Minnesota Kory Sperry 8/11 TE Signed/unrest FA From Arizona
Minnesota A.C. Leonard 8/06 TE Cut
Minnesota Lestar Jean 8/05 WR Cut
Miami Rakim Cox 8/04 DE Cut
Minnesota Chris Crocker 8/04 S Signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2014)) From Cincinnati