Miami Dolphins

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1-2-0, 4th AFC East (preseason)
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Miami Calvin Barnett 8/30 DT Cut
Miami Bryant Browning 8/30 G Cut
Miami LaRon Byrd 8/30 WR Cut
Miami Kevin Cone 8/30 WR Cut
Miami Ray Drew 8/30 DE Cut
Miami Tyler McDonald 8/30 WR Cut
Miami Kendall Montgomery 8/30 DE Cut
Miami Gerell Robinson 8/30 TE Cut
Miami Sammy Seamster 8/30 CB Cut
Miami Phillip Thomas 8/30 S Cut
Miami J.D. Walton 8/30 C Cut
Miami Michael Preston 8/23 WR Cut
New England Chris Martin 8/18 T Acquired from waiver To New England
NY Jets Arthur Lynch 8/18 TE Acquired from waiver To NY Jets
Miami James Davidson 8/17 LB Signed From NY Giants
NY Jets Arthur Lynch 8/17 TE Cut
New England Chris Martin 8/17 T Cut
Miami Bryant Browning 8/17 G Signed From Pittsburgh
Miami Tommy Streeter 8/15 WR Cut
Miami Tyler McDonald 8/15 WR Signed
Miami Shamiel Gary 8/14 S Cut
Miami Shamiel Gary 8/11 S Cut
Miami Tyler McDonald 8/11 WR Cut
Miami Demitrius Bronson 8/11 RB Signed From Seattle
Miami Phillip Thomas 8/11 S Signed From Washington
Indianapolis Dionte Savage 8/08 G Signed To Indianapolis
New England Mark Asper 8/06 T Signed To New England
Carolina T.J. Heath 8/05 CB Signed To Carolina
Baltimore Micajah Reynolds 8/05 DT Signed To Baltimore
San Francisco Nigel King 8/05 WR Signed (Two-year contract) To San Francisco
Miami Kevin Cone 8/04 WR Acquired from waiver From Cleveland
Indianapolis Dionte Savage 8/04 G Cut
Miami Cobi Hamilton 8/01 WR Acquired from waiver From Cincinnati
Miami Kai De La Cruz 8/01 WR Cut