Jacksonville Jaguars

5-11-0, 3rd AFC South
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Jacksonville Hayes Pullard III 10/28 LB Active/prac. squad From Cleveland
Miami James-Michael Johnson 10/28 LB Cut
Jacksonville Craig Loston 10/27 S Pract. squad add
Atlanta Jordan Leslie 10/27 WR Pract. squad del
Washington Ziggy Hood 10/22 DT Signed To Chicago
Jacksonville Joe Banyard 10/21 RB Active/prac. squad
Jacksonville Craig Loston 10/21 S Pract. squad del
Atlanta Jordan Leslie 10/21 WR Pract. squad add From Minnesota
Jacksonville Jeff Tuel 10/21 QB Pract. squad add
Jacksonville Neal Sterling 10/21 WR Active/prac. squad
Jacksonville Rasheed Bailey 10/21 WR Pract. squad add From Philadelphia
Washington Ziggy Hood 10/20 DT Cut
Jacksonville Jeff Tuel 10/20 QB Pract. squad del
Baltimore Nordly Capi 10/20 DE Pract. squad add To Baltimore
Jacksonville Craig Loston 10/20 S Pract. squad add
New England Brennan Williams 10/20 T Pract. squad add To New England
Oakland John Lotulelei 10/19 LB Cut
Jacksonville Joe Banyard 10/14 RB Pract. squad add From Minnesota
Jacksonville Craig Loston 10/14 S Pract. squad del
Jacksonville Jeff Tuel 10/13 QB Pract. squad add
Oakland John Lotulelei 10/10 LB Cut
Jacksonville Jordan Tripp 10/10 LB Active/prac. squad
Miami James-Michael Johnson 10/06 LB Signed From Tampa Bay