Denver Broncos

0-0-0, AFC West
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Detroit Manny Ramirez 4/30 LOG Traded (as part of a draft day trade) To Detroit
Denver Quanterus Smith 4/28 DE Cut
Denver Tony Carter 4/27 LCB Re-signed/rest FA
Denver Kerry Taylor 4/23 WR Cut
Denver Brandon Marshall 4/13 RILB Re-signed/excl. FA
Denver James Casey 4/13 TE Signed (One-year contract (through 2015)) From Philadelphia
Chicago Paul Cornick 4/10 T Re-signed/excl. FA
Denver Ben Garland 4/10 ROG Re-signed/excl. FA
Chicago Will Montgomery 4/02 C Signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2015)) To Chicago
Denver Antonio Smith 4/02 DE Signed (One-year contract (through 2015)) From Oakland
Denver Gino Gradkowski 4/01 C Traded (with 2016 draft pick for 2016 draft pick) From Baltimore