Dallas Cowboys

0-0-0, NFC East
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Indianapolis Phillip Tanner 7/29 RB Signed/unrest FA To Indianapolis
Washington Everette Brown 7/28 ROLB Signed To Washington
Cleveland Edgar Jones 7/24 LOLB Signed/unrest FA To Cleveland
Dallas Tyronne Green 7/24 G Cut
Dallas Jarrod Pughsley 7/23 G Cut
Dallas Chris Whaley 7/21 DT Cut
Dallas Dezmon Briscoe 7/21 WR Signed/unrest FA From Washington
Dallas Dallas Walker 7/18 TE Signed From San Diego
Detroit George Winn 7/17 RB Signed To Detroit
Dallas Kyle Orton 7/16 QB Cut
Dallas Rolando McClain 7/01 MLB Traded (with 7th round pick for 6th round pick) From Baltimore
Dallas Rolando McClain 7/01 MLB Reinstated