Cleveland Browns

7-9-0, 4th AFC North
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Buffalo MarQueis Gray 8/31 FB Acquired from waiver To Minnesota
Miami LaRon Byrd 8/31 WR Acquired from waiver From Dallas
New England Caylin Hauptmann 8/31 T Acquired from waiver From Seattle
Cleveland Ryan Seymour 8/31 LOT Acquired from waiver From San Francisco
Cleveland Glenn Winston 8/31 RB Acquired from waiver From San Francisco
Cleveland Karim Barton 8/31 G Cut
Minnesota Charles Johnson 8/31 WR Cut
Carolina Martin Wallace 8/31 T Cut
Cleveland Rex Grossman 8/31 QB Cut
Cleveland James Brown 8/31 T Pract. squad add From Chicago
Cleveland Jacobbi McDaniel 8/31 DE Pract. squad add
Baltimore Emmanuel Ogbuehi 8/31 TE Pract. squad add
Cleveland Keith Pough 8/31 LB Pract. squad add
Tennessee Justin Staples 8/31 LILB Pract. squad add
Dallas Donald Hawkins 8/31 ROG Acquired from waiver To Dallas
Tampa Bay Garrett Gilkey 8/31 LOG Acquired from waiver To Tampa Bay
San Francisco Leon McFadden 8/31 LCB Acquired from waiver To NY Jets
Houston Josh Aubrey 8/30 FS Cut
San Francisco Leon McFadden 8/30 LCB Cut
Cleveland Calvin Barnett 8/30 DT Cut
Cleveland Jacobbi McDaniel 8/30 DE Cut
Tennessee Justin Staples 8/30 LILB Cut
Atlanta Reid Fragel 8/30 T Cut
Tampa Bay Garrett Gilkey 8/30 LOG Cut
Dallas Donald Hawkins 8/30 ROG Cut
New Orleans Alex Parsons 8/30 C Cut
Cleveland Abasi Salimu 8/30 T Cut
Cleveland Connor Shaw 8/30 QB Cut
Buffalo MarQueis Gray 8/30 FB Cut
New England Dion Lewis 8/30 RB Cut
Baltimore Emmanuel Ogbuehi 8/30 TE Cut
New Orleans Willie Snead 8/30 WR Cut
Cleveland Nate Burleson 8/30 WR Cut
Cleveland Zac Diles 8/30 LB Cut
Cleveland Jamaal Westerman 8/30 LB Cut
NY Giants Chris Ogbonnaya 8/30 RB Cut
Cleveland Randall Harris 8/28 G Cut
Cleveland Josh Gordon 8/27 WR Suspended (10 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy))
Tampa Bay Jeremiah Warren 8/26 C Acquired from waiver To Tampa Bay
Cleveland Nick McDonald 8/26 C Reserve/non football injury (undisclosed)
Cleveland Royce Adams 8/25 CB Cut
New Orleans Edwin Baker 8/25 RB Cut
Cleveland Randall Harris 8/25 G Cut
Miami T.J. Heath 8/25 LCB Cut
New England Cam Henderson 8/25 DE Cut
New England Jonathan Krause 8/25 WR Cut
Cleveland Ryan Lee 8/25 G Cut
Cleveland Caleb McSurdy 8/25 LB Cut
Seattle Keavon Milton 8/25 G Cut
Cleveland Keith Pough 8/25 LB Cut
Cleveland Tim Smith 8/25 WR Cut
Tampa Bay Jeremiah Warren 8/25 C Cut
Cleveland Martell Webb 8/25 TE Cut
Cleveland Anthony Armstrong 8/25 WR Cut
Miami Jake Rogers 8/25 K Signed To Miami
Cleveland Karim Barton 8/25 G Acquired from waiver From Philadelphia
Dallas Donald Hawkins 8/25 ROG Acquired from waiver From Philadelphia
Oakland Kyle Auffray 8/17 TE Signed To Oakland
Cleveland Caleb McSurdy 8/14 LB Signed From St. Louis
Cleveland Tyler Thigpen 8/12 QB Cut
Cleveland Rex Grossman 8/12 QB Signed/unrest FA From Washington
Oakland Kyle Auffray 8/11 TE Cut
Oakland Kyle Auffray 8/06 TE Signed From New England
Cleveland Keith Pough 8/06 LB Signed From Buffalo
Cleveland Tim Smith 8/06 WR Signed
Cleveland Martell Webb 8/06 TE Signed From Indianapolis
Denver Brian Sanford 8/05 DE Signed (One-year contract (through 2014)) To Denver
Cleveland Darwin Cook 8/05 S Cut
Tampa Bay Chandler Jones 8/04 WR Cut
Cleveland Edgar Jones 8/04 LB Cut
Cleveland James Oboh 8/04 TE Cut
Cleveland Jason Pinkston 8/04 G Cut
Cleveland Royce Adams 8/04 CB Signed
Cleveland Michael Bowie 8/03 T Acquired from waiver From Seattle
Oakland Kenny Shaw 8/02 WR Signed To Jacksonville