Cincinnati Bengals

  • Passing Yards
    232.8 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    101.0 RYPG
  • Total Yards Per Game
    333.8 YPG
DETraded (for 2018 conditional draft pick) From
DERe-signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2017))
LBCut (Signed)
RBRe-signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2017))
LBSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2017)) From
CRe-signed/rest FA (Two-year contract (through 2018))
TSigned (One-year contract (through 2017)) From
WRAcquired from waiver (Signed) To
DESigned/unrest FA (Two-year contract (through 2018)) To
RBSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2017)) To
DTSigned/unrest FA (Two-year contract (through 2018)) To
WRCut (Signed)
CBRe-signed/unrest FA (Five-year contract (through 2021))
LBSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2017)) To
TRe-signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2017))
TSigned/unrest FA (Three-year contract (through 2019)) To
CRestricted Free Agent (Signed)
GSigned/unrest FA (Five-year contract (through 2021)) To
DEDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
RBDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
TDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
LBDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
CBDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
TDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
RBDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
DEDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
DTDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
GDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
WRRe-signed (Two-year contract (through 2018))
CBSigned (Signed) From
LBRetired (Signed)
WRAcquired from waiver (Signed) From
DTActivated from PUPL (Signed)
KRe-signed (Two-year contract (through 2018))
LBSigned (Signed) From
KSigned (Signed)
LBSigned (Signed) To
WRSigned (Signed) From
TESigned (Signed) To
WRSigned (Signed)
GSigned (Signed)
CBSigned (Signed)
DTSigned (Signed)
DESigned (Signed)
GActive/prac. squad (Signed)
RBActive/prac. squad (Signed)
QBPract. squad add (Signed) To
LBActive/prac. squad (Signed)
WRActive/prac. squad (Signed)
LBActive/prac. squad (Signed)
TECut (Signed)
TPract. squad add (Signed) To
KCut (Signed)
KAcquired from waiver (Signed) From
CBPract. squad add (Signed)
DTSigned (Signed)
DTCut (Signed)
TEActive/prac. squad (Signed)
TEPract. squad add (Signed) From
WRPract. squad add (Signed) To
DESigned (Signed) From
CBAcquired from waiver (Signed) To
CBCut (Signed)
TEActive/prac. squad (Signed) To
CBPract. squad add (Signed) To
LBSigned (Signed) To
CBPract. squad del (Signed)
LBPract. squad add (Signed)
LBCut (Signed)
LBSuspension lifted (Signed)