Chicago Bears

  • Passing Yards
    240.7 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    70.0 RYPG
  • Total Yards Per Game
    310.7 YPG
  • ABC News

    The Latest: Cowboys Roll With Prescott, Lead Bears at Half

    Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott led the Cowboys to four scores on four possessions in the first half, giving Dallas a 24-3 halftime lead on the Chicago Bears

  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    The best season for each NFL team

    In 1920, the National Football League was founded, consisting of 14 teams. Of those original 14, only two -- the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals -- remain. Over the years, additional NFL franchises have come and gone. The league currently features 32 teams -- most recently adding the Houston Texans in 2002 -- and all have experienced their share of high and low points.

  • Bears vs Cowboys 4th Quarter Open Thread
    Windy City Gridiron

    Bears vs Cowboys 4th Quarter Open Thread

    **SCORE UPDATE** Chicago Bears 10 Dallas Cowboys 24 The Chicago Bears showed a bit of a spark in the third quarter, getting a turnover from the defense (after Jacoby Glenn got toasted for the second time tonight) and turning around and getting their first touchdown of the night (a Brian Hoyer to Zach Miller connection). Can they get their act together with 15 minutes remaining and try to mount a comeback? This is your 4th Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!