Baltimore Ravens

5-11-0, 3rd AFC North
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Denver Robert Myers Jr. 12/31 G Active/prac. squad To Denver
San Diego Cassius Vaughn 12/30 CB Signed To San Diego
Baltimore Leon Brown 12/30 G Pract. squad add
Dallas Mike McAdoo 12/30 DE Pract. squad add To Dallas
Baltimore Sheldon Price 12/29 CB Active/prac. squad
Baltimore Richard Gordon 12/23 TE Cut
Baltimore Jermaine Whitehead 12/23 S Active/prac. squad From San Francisco
Baltimore Alonzo Harris 12/23 RB Pract. squad add From Green Bay
San Francisco DuJuan Harris 12/22 RB Active/prac. squad To San Francisco
Tennessee Bryn Renner 12/22 QB Pract. squad add To Tennessee
Baltimore Chris Carter 12/21 LB Signed From Cincinnati
Baltimore Nordly Capi 12/21 DE Pract. squad add
Baltimore Brennen Beyer 12/21 LB Pract. squad del
San Francisco DuJuan Harris 12/17 RB Pract. squad add From Seattle
Baltimore Eric Herman 12/16 G Pract. squad add From NY Giants
Cleveland Raheem Mostert 12/16 RB Acquired from waiver To Cleveland
Cleveland Raheem Mostert 12/15 RB Cut
Tennessee Bryn Renner 12/15 QB Cut
Baltimore Terrence Magee 12/15 RB Active/prac. squad
Baltimore Jumal Rolle 12/15 CB Active/prac. squad
Baltimore Ryan Mallett 12/15 QB Signed From Houston
Baltimore Marcel Jones 12/15 G Pract. squad add
Cleveland Kaleb Johnson 12/14 G Signed To Cleveland
Cleveland Kaleb Johnson 12/12 G Cut
Tennessee Bryn Renner 12/12 QB Active/prac. squad
Baltimore Chris Matthews 12/12 WR Active/prac. squad
Baltimore Nick Perry 12/12 S Pract. squad add
Tennessee Bryn Renner 12/09 QB Pract. squad add
Baltimore Nick Perry 12/09 S Pract. squad del
San Diego Cassius Vaughn 12/08 CB Cut
Baltimore Richard Gordon 12/08 TE Signed From Denver
Baltimore Konrad Reuland 12/08 TE Active/prac. squad
Baltimore Harold Spears 12/08 TE Pract. squad add From Seattle
Baltimore Nick Boyle 12/07 TE Suspended (4 games (NFL Policy on PEDs))
Baltimore Zach Thompson 12/07 LB Cut
Baltimore Nick Perry 12/04 S Pract. squad add
Baltimore Marcel Jones 12/04 G Pract. squad del
Baltimore Chuck Jacobs 12/02 WR Pract. squad add
Baltimore Terrence Magee 12/02 RB Pract. squad add