Baltimore Ravens

4-7-0, 3rd AFC North
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Baltimore Asa Jackson 11/30 CB Pract. squad add
Baltimore Chuck Jacobs 11/30 WR Cut
Baltimore Daniel Brown 11/30 WR Active/prac. squad
Baltimore Kaleb Johnson 11/30 G Active/prac. squad
Chicago Patrick Scales 11/28 TE Signed To Chicago
Baltimore Daniel Brown 11/28 WR Pract. squad add
Baltimore Terrence Magee 11/28 RB Pract. squad del
Baltimore Marcel Jones 11/27 G Pract. squad add
Baltimore Daniel Brown 11/27 WR Pract. squad del
Baltimore Jimmy Clausen 11/24 QB Acquired from waiver From Chicago
Baltimore Chris Matthews 11/23 WR Pract. squad add From Seattle
Baltimore Joseph Morgan 11/23 WR Cut
Baltimore Chuck Jacobs 11/23 WR Active/prac. squad
Baltimore Jumal Rolle 11/20 CB Pract. squad add From Houston
Baltimore Nick Perry 11/20 S Pract. squad del
Baltimore Blaine Clausell 11/20 T Pract. squad add From New England
Baltimore Marcel Jones 11/20 G Pract. squad del
Baltimore Asa Jackson 11/19 CB Cut
Oakland Jeremy Ross 11/19 WR Pract. squad add To Oakland
New England Chris Greenwood 11/18 CB Pract. squad add To New England
Baltimore Terrance West 11/18 RB Signed
Baltimore Konrad Reuland 11/18 TE Pract. squad add
Baltimore Asa Jackson 11/17 CB Cut
Oakland Jeremy Ross 11/17 WR Cut
Baltimore Kaelin Clay 11/17 WR Active/prac. squad From Detroit
Baltimore Chase Ford 11/17 TE Active/prac. squad From Minnesota
Baltimore Cassius Vaughn 11/17 CB Signed
Baltimore Terrance West 11/10 RB Pract. squad add From Tennessee
Baltimore Cap Capi 11/10 DE Pract. squad del
Baltimore Joseph Morgan 11/04 WR Signed From New Orleans
Baltimore Chuck Jacobs 11/04 WR Pract. squad add From San Francisco
Baltimore Konrad Reuland 11/04 TE Pract. squad del
Baltimore Matt Elam 11/04 S Suspension lifted
Houston Akeem Hunt 11/03 RB Pract. squad add To Houston