Baltimore Ravens

5-11-0, 3rd AFC North
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Baltimore Terrence Magee 9/24 RB Pract. squad add
Miami Dominique Jones 9/24 TE Pract. squad del
Baltimore Terrence Magee 9/22 RB Cut
Denver Robert Myers Jr. 9/21 G Pract. squad add From Indianapolis
New Orleans Tony Hills 9/21 T Pract. squad del
Baltimore Will Davis 9/21 CB Traded (for 7th-round draft pick in 2016) From Miami
Arizona Jason Babin 9/16 LB Signed (One-year contract (through 2015)) From NY Jets
Tennessee Bryn Renner 9/16 QB Pract. squad del
New Orleans Tony Hills 9/16 T Pract. squad add From Carolina
New England DeAndre Carter 9/16 WR Pract. squad add To Oakland
NY Giants Tramain Jacobs 9/15 CB Pract. squad add To NY Giants
Baltimore Daniel Brown 9/10 WR Pract. squad del
Arizona Asa Jackson 9/10 CB Pract. squad add From NY Giants
Baltimore Terrence Magee 9/08 RB Signed
Baltimore Blaine Clausell 9/08 T Pract. squad add To New England
Houston Charles James 9/08 CB Pract. squad add From Houston
Baltimore Daniel Brown 9/08 WR Pract. squad add
Oakland Jeremy Ross 9/08 WR Pract. squad add From Detroit
Baltimore Jeremy Butler 9/08 WR Pract. squad add
Baltimore Konrad Reuland 9/08 TE Pract. squad del
Seattle DeAngelo Tyson 9/07 DE Cut
Kansas City Jah Reid 9/07 G Signed To Kansas City
Miami Dominique Jones 9/07 TE Pract. squad add From Denver
Pittsburgh Fitzgerald Toussaint 9/07 RB Pract. squad add To Pittsburgh
Denver Robert Myers Jr. 9/06 G Acquired from waiver To Indianapolis
Arizona Asa Jackson 9/06 CB Acquired from waiver To NY Giants
Baltimore Nick Perry 9/06 S Pract. squad add
Tennessee Bryn Renner 9/06 QB Pract. squad add
Baltimore Brennen Beyer 9/06 LB Pract. squad add
Cleveland Kaleb Johnson 9/06 G Pract. squad add
Baltimore De'Ondre Wesley 9/06 T Pract. squad add
Baltimore Konrad Reuland 9/06 TE Pract. squad add
Minnesota Nick Easton 9/05 C Traded (for an undisclosed draft pick) To San Francisco
Arizona Asa Jackson 9/05 CB Cut
Kansas City Jah Reid 9/05 G Cut
Baltimore Jeremy Butler 9/05 WR Cut
Denver Robert Myers Jr. 9/05 G Cut
San Diego Cassius Vaughn 9/05 CB Cut
Baltimore Brennen Beyer 9/05 LB Cut
Cleveland Kaleb Johnson 9/05 G Cut
Baltimore Terrence Magee 9/05 RB Cut
Pittsburgh Fitzgerald Toussaint 9/05 RB Cut
Baltimore Kiero Small 9/05 RB Cut
Baltimore Konrad Reuland 9/05 TE Cut
Tennessee Bryn Renner 9/05 QB Cut
Baltimore Nick Perry 9/05 S Cut
Seattle DeAngelo Tyson 9/05 DE Cut
Baltimore Micajah Reynolds 9/05 DT Cut
Baltimore Andrew Bose 9/04 LB Cut
Baltimore Daniel Brown 9/04 WR Cut
Baltimore Blaine Clausell 9/04 T Cut
Baltimore Tom Nelson 9/04 WR Cut
Baltimore Quinton Pointer 9/04 CB Cut
Philadelphia Steven Means 9/02 LB Cut
Baltimore Dennis Pitta 9/01 TE Placed on PUPL (hip)
Baltimore De'Ondre Wesley 9/01 T Cut
Cincinnati Darryl Baldwin 9/01 T Cut
New England Chris Greenwood 9/01 CB Cut