Baltimore Ravens

0-0-0, AFC North
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Baltimore Justin Tucker 4/23 KFG Re-signed/rest FA
Baltimore Will Hill 4/23 SS Re-signed/rest FA
Baltimore Casey Walker 4/22 DT Re-signed/excl. FA
Baltimore Patrick Scales 4/21 LS Re-signed/excl. FA
Baltimore Jimmy Smith 4/21 RCB Re-signed (Four-year extension (through 2019))
Baltimore Kamar Aiken 4/20 WR Re-signed/excl. FA
Baltimore Tramain Jacobs 4/20 LCB Re-signed/excl. FA
Baltimore Brynden Trawick 4/18 SS Re-signed/excl. FA
NY Giants Ryan Jones 4/15 MLB Signed To NY Giants
Baltimore Jah Reid 4/09 LOG Re-signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2015))
Minnesota Kevin McDermott 4/06 LS Signed/unrest FA To Minnesota
Tampa Bay Emmanuel Ogbuehi 4/03 TE Signed (Two-year contract (through 2016)) To Tampa Bay
Denver Gino Gradkowski 4/01 C Traded (with 2016 draft pick for 2016 draft pick) To Denver