Atlanta Falcons

  • Passing Yards
    273.7 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    100.4 RYPG
  • Yards Per Game
    374.1 YPG
  • 2017 NFL mock draft, preseason edition
    The Draft Wire

    2017 NFL mock draft, preseason edition

    It’s never too early to throw out potential mock draft scenarios. Here’s a look at how the first two rounds of the 2017 NFL draft could shake out. Don’t let the talk of Hue Jackson resurrecting RG3’s career or the third-round selection of Cody Kessler in the 2016 draft fool you. If the Browns’ new coach gets an opportunity to hand the keys to the franchise over to a dynamic talent like Watson, he won’t hesitate. The Titans are loaded with young talent and the ability to add more next year, thanks to new general manager Jon Robinson trading this year’s No. 1 overall pick to the Los Angeles Rams. With his franchise quarterback already in place in Marcus Mariota, and plenty of weapons around him

  • Monday Musings: Broncos find their QB, trouble brewing in Buffalo, more NFL notes
    CBS Sports

    Monday Musings: Broncos find their QB, trouble brewing in Buffalo, more NFL notes

    When I went to Denver to see the Denver Broncos early in training camp, there were a lot of whispers that Trevor Siemian might end up being the starting quarterback. What? Who? Heading into that trip, I thought it was a bunch of hype, not much more than a staff trying to help a young kid gain confidence. Then I watched practice. He seemed poised and understood the system. His throws were accurate. And he had a better arm than Mark Sanchez , the player who was presumed to be the starting quarterback. Fast forward to this past Saturday. Siemian made his first NFL start for the Broncos of any kind against the San Francisco 49ers , and for most of his time on the field he was outstanding. One problem:

  • The Cheat Sheet

    10 Big-Name NFL Players Who Are Still Unemployed

    Every year we are reminded (on multiple occasions) that nobody in the National Football League (NFL) is invincible. Some of them are one injury away from landing their next NFL contract, others have played their last down of professional football. Based on what we saw out of Vick in his three starts for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015, it’s not really surprising that the No. 1 overall pick in the 2001 NFL Draft is currently unemployed.