Arizona Cardinals

11-5-0, 2nd NFC West
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Arizona Ryan Lindley 8/31 QB Pract. squad add To San Diego
Green Bay Bruce Gaston 8/31 RDE Acquired from waiver To New England
Arizona Thomas Keiser 8/31 LB Acquired from waiver From San Diego
NY Jets Walt Powell 8/31 WR Cut
Chicago Jonathan Brown 8/31 LB Pract. squad add
Arizona Brittan Golden 8/31 WR Pract. squad add
Arizona Andre Hardy 8/31 TE Pract. squad add
Arizona Jimmy Legree 8/31 CB Pract. squad add
Arizona Anthony Steen 8/31 C Pract. squad add
Arizona Kelvin Palmer 8/31 T Pract. squad add
Arizona Zach Bauman 8/30 RB Cut
Arizona Marcus Benard 8/30 ROLB Cut
Arizona Philip Blake 8/30 C Cut
Chicago Jonathan Brown 8/30 LB Cut
Arizona Dan Buckner 8/30 WR Cut
Arizona John Estes 8/30 C Cut
Green Bay Bruce Gaston 8/30 RDE Cut
Arizona Brittan Golden 8/30 WR Cut
Arizona Andre Hardy 8/30 TE Cut
Arizona Jimmy Legree 8/30 CB Cut
Arizona Bryan McCann 8/30 CB Cut
Arizona Kelvin Palmer 8/30 T Cut
Arizona Jalen Parmele 8/30 RB Cut
Arizona Isaac Sopoaga 8/30 DT Cut
Arizona Anthony Steen 8/30 C Cut
Arizona Curtis Taylor 8/30 S Cut
Arizona Adrian Tracy 8/30 LB Cut
Cleveland Christian Tupou 8/30 DE Cut
Chicago Anthony Walters 8/30 FS Cut
Jacksonville Teddy Williams 8/30 RCB Cut
Arizona Nate Potter 8/30 T Cut
Arizona Ryan McBean 8/27 DE Cut
Arizona Tommy Kelly 8/27 DT Signed (One-year contract) From New England
Arizona Keenan Clayton 8/25 LB Cut
Kansas City JoJo Dickson 8/25 LB Cut
Arizona Tommie Draheim 8/25 C Cut
Dallas Reggie Dunn 8/25 WR Cut
Chicago Jay Feely 8/25 KFG Cut
Arizona Derrell Johnson 8/25 LB Cut
Arizona Orhian Johnson 8/25 S Cut
Arizona Ryan Lindley 8/25 QB Cut
Arizona Kevin Ozier 8/25 WR Cut
Seattle Justin Renfrow 8/25 G Cut
Arizona Brandon Sermons 8/25 CB Cut
Arizona Max Starks 8/25 T Cut
Arizona Damien Thigpen 8/25 RB Cut
Arizona Anthony McCloud 8/21 DT Cut
Arizona Isaac Sopoaga 8/20 DT Signed (One-year contract (through 2014)) From New England
Arizona Ryan McBean 8/20 DE Signed (One-year contract (through 2014)) From Baltimore
San Francisco Desmond Bishop 8/14 LILB Signed/unrest FA From Minnesota
NY Jets LeQuan Lewis 8/12 CB Signed To NY Jets
Minnesota Kory Sperry 8/11 TE Signed/unrest FA To Minnesota
Kansas City Jonathon Amaya 8/10 S Signed To Kansas City
Washington Trevardo Williams 8/08 ROLB Cut
Arizona Ernie Sims 8/07 LB Cut
Arizona Jake Ballard 8/06 TE Retired
Miami Danny Hrapmann 8/06 K Signed To Miami
Washington Trevardo Williams 8/02 ROLB Acquired from waiver From Houston
Arizona Todd Washington 8/02 CB Cut
Seattle Cory Brandon 8/02 T Acquired from waiver To Seattle
Arizona Max Starks 8/01 T Signed From St. Louis
Seattle Cory Brandon 8/01 T Cut
Miami Danny Hrapmann 8/01 K Cut
Arizona Derrell Johnson 8/01 LB Signed From Miami