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The Tennessee Titans don't seem to be too worried that All-Pro running back missed his sixth minicamp practice Wednesday. Johnson wants some big bucks tossed his way and it's not looking like the team is planning on making that happen for him, according to the Tennessean. That is, unless you count the three years left on Johnson's initially five-year, $12 million contract.

Johnson is working out in Florida, waiting for good news that may not come. Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt has apparently had talks with Johnson's agent but not about increasing pay.

"Given the circumstances, I don't think there's the likelihood anything is going to happen,'' Reinfeldt told the Tennessean. "You're asking me definitely if he's not going to get (a new contract). I'm not making any definitive statements. I just think he's a pro and we expect him to honor his contract. Chris has always been a pro, and we expect that to continue.''

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Source: Tennessean

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