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With the Spygate controversy lingering, Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher took exception at the NFL scouting combine with the perception that "everyone" cheats, and the New England Patriots simply got caught. Fisher said the rule the Patriots broke — which says that there should be no videotaping from high above the field —is "very clear" and not open to interpretation according to the Dallas Morning News.

"Not everybody does it. That's the misunderstanding," Fisher said. "I know the truth, and the truth is everyone doesn't do it. As far as we know, only one team did it and, fortunately, we discovered it."

"I think the genesis of the rule was that we all were going to stay in the same competitive level and in the same situation from this standpoint — We're going to have a sideline tape, we're going to have an end zone tape, we're going to tape the game, we're going to have Polaroids," he said. "That's the only electronic device allowed on the sideline. As a committee, we could allow these things to happen, and we'd get into a Star Wars age of football. We don't want to get to that. We have rules that we abide by."

Source: Dallas Morning News

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