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After they had been stunningly manhandled in almost every facet of the game, the Tennessee Titans' two defensive leaders said it's clear who the best team in the AFC is. According to Albert Haynesworth and Keith Bulluck, the Titans, not the New York Jets, are still the standard in the conference.

Apparently not even a 34-13 whipping on their home turf can change their minds about that, according to the New York Daily News.

"I'm not going to sit here and keep complimenting them at all," Bulluck said after repeatedly crediting the Jets for being the better team Sunday. "Defensively we didn't answer the bell and that's it. Not to discredit them (but) I don't think that team is better than us. They were today, definitely by far. They put a lot of points up and held us to very few. They are definitely one of the top teams in the AFC."

According to Haynesworth, the Jets aren't the top dog in the AFC yet.

"I think we are," said Haynesworth, who had 1 sacks and a forced fumble but was otherwise held in check. "We just didn't have a good game. They played really good ball. We didn't show up. We didn't play nowhere near as good as we can."

Besides scoring 34 points, the Jets hammered the Titans for 409 total yards, 192 coming on the ground alone. That's almost 100 yards more than what teams had averaged against the Titans all season (95.1). Tennessee's bruising running game managed a measly 45 yards as the Titans were forced to throw after falling behind 20-3 with 3:02 left in the third.

Source: New York Daily News

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