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The Houston Texans signed veteran Jake Delhomme(notes) Tuesday to be the backup to rookie T.J. Yates(notes) after starters Matt Schaub(notes) and Matt Leinart(notes) both went down for the rest of the season with injuries.

Another quarterback that got a call from the team is David Garrard(notes), who was unceremoniously sliced from the roster of the Jacksonville Jaguars after nine seasons of work there. Unfortunately for him, he is still recovering from back surgery and can't play just yet.

"You know every quarterback that's gone down? Pretty much every team has called," Garrard told SiriusXM NFL Radio Tuesday, according to ProFootballTalk. "They had me on flights ready to come out [saying,] ‘Well, can he rehab here.' Every last one of them. And I've had to say ‘no' every time. I don't even know if this is a record of how many quarterbacks have gone down in one season but for me to be sitting out here and not to be able to play? I've never not been able to play but there's nothing I can do. I'm good right now at getting in and out of chairs and helping my wife around the house but running around, throwing, and getting hit? I'm just not in that position at this time."

Garrard went on to say that he's a few weeks away from being able to pass a physical, which pretty much means he's a non-factor this season.

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Source: ProFootballTalk

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