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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams had been out of the league since 2007 before returning last season to play 13 games, in which he made 65 receptions for 751 yards and scored two touchdowns. So the team gave him a three-year extension worth $11.25 million. FOX Sports is reporting that the actual base salary is $1.75 million, but he has a slew of incentives built into the contract.

League sources say that the Seahawks will owe Williams $500,000 as a roster bonus on the seventh day of the league year, FOX reports. "So if he shows up out of shape when the team reports after the lockout is over, the team could decline to pay it, thus making him a free agent," the site notes.

Other incentives in the contract include a "reporting bonus of $500,000, which is believed to be due on the first day of training camp" as well as "per game roster bonuses totaling $250,000," the site reports. Williams had some weight problems early in his pro career so there is also a weight clause worth $150,000 and workout bonuses that add up to $150,000.

The site notes that such incentives are in place for all three seasons. This way, Williams will never show up to camp late or overweight. Or shouldn't.

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Source: FOXSports

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