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San Francisco 49er tight end Vernon Davis(notes) has been in the league for three full seasons and his teammates are thinking that it's time that grows up a little bit.

He got into a kerfuffle of sorts with linebacker Marquis Harris during practice the other day and then head coach Mike Singletary made the entire team run 12 springs across the width of the field, otherwise known as gassers.

Running back Frank Gore(notes) has been in the big league for one more season than Davis but he apparently felt free to let him know it was time to grow up. "I wasn't mad about having to run gassers," Gore told the San Jose Mercury News. "I just feel it's his fourth year now, and I told him it shouldn't be him now. Everybody makes mistakes but it shouldn't be him. OK, a rookie? I accept that."

It's never good when your teammates start getting annoyed with you.

Source: San Jose Mercury News

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