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Tony Romo's three turnovers were momentarily meaningless Sunday night when players started yelling in the shower after the quarterback collapsed from a rib injury.

Athletic trainer Jim Maurer and his staff rushed into the shower as the locker room came to a near standstill. A stretcher was wheeled in, but Romo was eventually helped to his feet and taken into the training room, according to the Dallas Morning News.

As someone who was standing there watching this whole scene unfold, I can tell you the players were shocked. They didn't know what to do. Deon Anderson went out running for emergency help, but Maurer and associate athletic trainer Britt Brown were all over it.

Adam Jones, of all people, was standing there yelling at me, another reporter and a TV camera man to get back. Let me tell you, running into the shower was the last place we needed to be at that moment. Jerry Jones' personal security chief, Roosevelt Riley, came out to push everybody back and an equipment staff member grabbed all of Romo's things and headed to the training room.

When asked later what happened, Romo said, "Um, you know, I was just a little banged up, I guess."

Source: Dallas Morning News

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