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The end of Washington Redskins head coach Jim Zorn's tenure in D.C. is near! Repent!

Seriously, it appears that Zorn will be joining the ranks of America's unemployed soon enough. The team has interviewed secondary coach Jerry Gray for the head-coaching spot already, which actually helps the Redskins clear a big barrier toward a new coach, according to the Washington Post. Gray's interview fulfills the team's need to interview a minority candidate for any major position with the club. Compliance with the Rooney Rule (named for Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney, chairman of the league's diversity committee) has been required since 2003.

Gray interviewed with a few bigwigs in the club, including owner Dan Snyder and the team's former executive vice president of football operations, Vinny Cerrato, who got canned on Dec. 17. (Happy holidays, Vinny!)

The organization that monitors the Rooney Rule, the Fritz Pollard Alliance, may ask that Gray be interviewed by new general manager Bruce Allen as a formality. After all, it's becoming pretty clear that the Redskins will fire Zorn as soon as possible and bring on white guy Mike Shanahan as his replacement. That could happen as early as next week.

Source: Washington Post

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