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Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis(notes) has been put on the injured-reserve list and won't be coming off of it till the season is over. But the question is whether Portis will even be able to resume his career, according to the Washington Post.

Portis hasn't been able to shake the effects of a concussion he got on November 8 when playing against the Atlanta Falcons. The team (and Portis' agent, of course) is saying that Portis will be back but he didn't sound so sure yesterday: "If it's my time, I think I had a great career."

The big issue is that Portis has had a vision problem since getting the concussion and it hasn't been getting better. Portis reportedly feels like his vision is good enough for him to get out onto the field but "the doctor feared if I took another hit like that it could get worse," he said.

Source: Washington Post

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