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The agent for Baltimore Ravens backup quarterback Troy Smith(notes) says he made a trade request for his client in December but the team is saying it never received such a thing, according to the National Football Post.

The agent emailed NFP: "I am more than 90 percent sure that (Ravens GM) Ozzie (Newsome) was called about Troy wanting a trade." But Newsome is saying he never got the message.

Recently Smith let it be known that he'd love to go play for his hometown team, the Cleveland Browns. And one of his old Ohio State teammates, Donte Whitner(notes), was hoping he could come to the Buffalo Bills.

So it must be pretty clear to Newsome by now that the former Heisman Trophy winner wants out of Charm City. The agent wrote the following tweet Thursday after hearing Newsome hadn't heard of the request: "Heard Ravens Ozzie Newsome did not receive formal Troy Smith trade request. Ozzie pretty please with sugar on top trade the friggin guy."

How can he say no to that? It appears that he will and Smith will be back with the Ravens next season.

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Source: National Football Post

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