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Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell(notes) has apparently developed a work ethic or has at least grown tired of hearing he doesn't have one.

Russell announced that sometime between the last day of spring practice and the beginning of training camp July 30 he plans to host his own passing-game minicamp at an undisclosed location, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

I talked to coach (Tom Cable) about it," Russell said. "Sometimes they have the rookies come back here for a week, and instead of them coming back here, I decided we'll do it on our own. ... Get somewhere where nobody knows where you're at and go and do your own thing."

This is an ideal time for Russell to buff up his image and his game, considering that Jeff Garcia(notes) is competing like a maniac for the starting quarterback job, doing everything but letting the air out of Russell's tires, according to the Chronicle.

Who will be invited to the secret camp?

"Everybody that plays receiver and wears the (Raiders') uniform."

What about other quarterbacks? (That's how I phrased my question, rather than asking, "Will Jeff Garcia be invited?")

"I don't know," Russell said. "Jeff just had a newborn, and Bruce (Gradowski) and (Charlie) Frye, we're working on that."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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