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Green Bay Packers tight end Spencer Havner(notes) was just driving his motorcycle around northern California early Saturday morning, minding his own business. Unfortunately for him, he was also allegedly intoxicated while doing it, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

It isn't clear yet whether he'll get fully charged with driving under the influence (or riding without a helmet) just yet but even if he isn't, the NFL will likely sanction Havner one way or the other.

The only reason cops noticed Havner, apparently, was because he lost control of his motorcycle and got thrown off of it. Someone else took him to the hospital and there the highway patrol checked him out to see if he was under the influence of anything.

"There was a smell of alcohol, he was babbling somewhat and the on-site investigating officer determined that he was under the influence of alcohol," said Grass Valley California Highway Patrol spokesman Eric Wagner to the Sacramento Bee. "The subject couldn't remember what happened or falling off."

The 27-year-old apparently broke a shoulder blade had lacerations to his face and left arm in the fall, but he may suffer also in the pocketbook. Even if he doesn't get charged, Havner may have a fine and/or suspension coming from the league.

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Source: Milwaukee Journal SentinelSacramento Bee

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