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Chad Ochocinco(notes) is an unpredictable fellow. The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver told ESPN's "NFL Live" Tuesday that he is planning to change his last name back to Johnson but hasn't filled out the papers to do so just yet, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. "I don't have a choice right now. I have done enough with the Ocho thing and it's been fun," he said, the paper reports.

Also, the day after he said that he would like to play for the New York Jets' Rex Ryan, Ochocinco also expressed his excitement about returning to the Bengals next season even if quarterback Carson Palmer(notes) gets his wish and is traded. "I'm wearing stripes next year," he said, the Enquirer reports. "I'm excited to come back and I'm ready to go. I'm not sure who will be at the helm back at quarterback. I love Cincinnati and the fans."

Ochocinco has $6 million in salary coming his way next season, his 11th with the Bengals.

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Source: Cincinnati Enquirer

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