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Fresh off a loss in the AFC title game, the New York Jets could also be looking at losing wide receivers Braylon Edwards(notes) and Santonio Holmes(notes) to free agency this offseason. There appear to be two others who are angling for their jobs: Cincinnati Bengals wide receivers Terrell Owens(notes) and Chad Ochocinco(notes).

The always entertaining pair host a show on Versus on Tuesday evenings called "The T.Ocho Show" and the preview for Tuesday night's show features the two talking about how much they'd like to play for New York Jets coach Rex Ryan.

"They will make it to this point every year," Ochocinco said, according to the clip. "I'd do anything to play for someone like Rex Ryan or anyone who has that type of mentality." Owens follows that with, "I'm jumping on that bandwagon, too, because I was thinking the exact same thing, Chad."

Ochocinco has another year on his contract while Owens will be a free agent this offseason. Of course, the offseason will be very unpredictable due to the labor conflict between the owners and the players.

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Source: Versus

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