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Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young(notes) has had some kind of weird season. After being benched for most of last season, he got to watch his team suffer through six straight losses to start the season behind quarterback Kerry Collins(notes). Supposedly, after much pressure from owner Bud Adams head coach Jeff Fisher finally said that he would put Young in as the starter. Fisher must be burning inside right now because Young has led the Titans to four straight victories.

The most improbable win came Monday night when the Titans were underdogs to the Houston Texans and came out with a 20-17 victory. There's a photo now circulating that appears to show "impartial" NFL ref Jerome Boger high-fiving Young after the game, according to the New York Post.

The NFL is denying it, of course. Here's the statement from the league: "It was not Jerome Boger's intent to exchange a high-five with the player. It began with the referee making the proper administrative signal and resulted in the appearance of an inappropriate action. As Vince Young took a knee on the game's final play, Jerome Boger jogged in with his right arm in the air to signify the play was over. That is the proper administrative signal for the referee. As Young turned around, he saw Boger approaching the line of scrimmage with his arm raised. As Boger moved toward the line of scrimmage, he started to bring his arm down. However, before he lowered his arm, Young, moving towards the referee, raised his own arm and the two exchanged what appeared to be a quick high-five."

Source: New York Post

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