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Players were supposed to all sign off on the new collective bargaining agreement Thursday, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, but some "minor" issues that were supposed to be cleared up over the past 10 days have not been.

The Pittsburgh Steelers' player rep on the NFL Players Association "said they want to change the system in which players are disciplined by the league" and Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch(notes), who is on the NFLPA executive board, "said there are a number of issues that have to be solved before the players can approve a deal the owners approved unanimously."

Some of the issues on the table, the paper reports, are "the power of commissioner Roger Goodell to levy punishment under his personal conduct policy, issues regarding concussions and when players can return and who decides that, and whether players who previously had strikes against them under the drug policy start with a clean slate."

The paper notes that Clark said that the issues needed to be "collectively bargained in good faith in totality to get this deal done."


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Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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