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Teams and players aren't supposed to have any kind of contact with one another during the course of the lockout, but reports that there are a few coaches and players sneaking around the rules.

In one example, the site reports on players having a conference call with an offensive assistant coach after a players-only practice occurs. The site reports that after conversations with a half-dozen players and a handful of assistant coaches from both conferences, it appears that coaches and players, despite rules against it, stay in almost weekly contact with one another using a variety of technologies.

Skype, email, text-messaging and phone calls are all being used to discuss "the progress of group workouts, what players are doing to stay in shape, and even personal issues," the site notes. Some players CBS spoke with estimated that 25 percent of the league's players are in contact with their coaches.

"Eventually we'll have football again," one player told CBS. "All that matters to me is who is ready and who isn't."

One can be sure Roger Goodell is not amused.

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