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Just when you thought the situation with San Francisco 49ers holdout Michael Crabtree(notes) couldn't get any weirder, it does. He and his agent finally met face-to-face with the Niners yesterday to discuss getting him signed this year and he apparently brought along a fella named Stanley Kirk Burrell, who is otherwise known as a classic from the rap world, MC Hammer, according to USA Today.

What was the Hammer doing there? Nobody seems to know what his role was in the proceedings but he's apparently a friend of Crabtree's agent.

The rumor is the talks went well and Crabtree may join the team soon, though Crabtree did not want to talk to the press about it. He reportedly sprinted away from reporters when he saw them. He needs to sign the dotted line before Nov. 17 in order to be allowed on the field this season. Seems pretty clear now that a deal will be done by then.

Source: USA Today

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